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Pre-Sale Inspection

A Pre-sale Home Inspection is always wise as a seller

 When you are considering the sale of your home, it’s always advisable to have a pre-sale inspection completed by a highly reputable and licensed home inspector. In some states, it’s standard practice (or even required) to complete a pre-sale home inspection. In other states, it can be buyer-beware. However, the cost of a home inspection is a small investment in advance of marketing your home for sale.

The savvy seller will order a pre-sale home inspection to know exactly what a potential buyer could find during the due diligence period after an offer has been made. Seller will use the inspection report as an opportunity to correct or fix any issues found during the inspection prior to listing their home on the market. Investing in a pre-sale home inspection, whether it’s required, standard practice, or savvy selling, is good practice as a home seller.

Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection:

Picture of a home with a magnifying glass to it1) Most realtors will tell you that readying your home for sale can help ensure the best price possible. Before you put your house on the market, re-caulk that shower you’ve been ignoring for months, fix that cracked window glass, replace bulbs, adjust the leaky faucet, and so on. A good home inspector will find more than these obvious little fixes you might not!

2) By doing a home inspection prior to marketing your home, you know what the buyer COULD find wrong with your home. Doing a pre-sale home inspection affords you the opportunity to address any issues that aren’t obvious to a cursory, visual inspection. Remember that when it comes to home sales, it’s not out of sight, out of mind. Behind that cracked caulking could be water leaking down past your shower pan and the subfloor, and dripping (or even worse, molding) in your basement ceiling or crawl space. This would be caught by even a decent home inspector and flagged.

3) Addressing issues before your buyer’s home inspection allows you to address them before it’s used against your sale price. You don’t want a home buyer coming back with a list of items and renegotiating their initial offer. Any savvy buyer will order a home inspection, and could be hold these repairs against you in an offer. Address the issues you and your realtor decide are prudent, show that you’ve addressed them by documenting it (receipts for work done helps), and you can even have the pre-sale inspection available for potential buyers to see what a conscientious seller you are. You could also list your home “as-is” in a sale admitting to the identified issues and reflecting them in the sales price. Your realtor can help you decide the best course of action following your home inspection results.

Lastly, don’t be off guard. Hire a reputable, licensed home inspector to do your pre-sale inspection. Once you decide to make the prudent investment in doing a pre-sale inspection, you want to make sure your inspector finds any potential issues with your home before the buyer finds them. You can call us to discuss our services, experience, and skills in the home inspection industry.

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