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Pre-Purchase Inspection


Infographic of 5 Things You Must Know About Your Home

5 Things You Must Know About Your Home

Having a Pre-Purchase Inspection is the single most important thing for a home buyer to have completed before he or she commits to the purchase of a single/multi family home, condo, townhouse, or co-opp. This inspection will alert you to any existing conditions that might need repair at the present time, as well as informing you on things you might need to be prepared to replace or repair in the near future.

The pre-purchase inspection is a safety net to the buyer, and can save thousands in repairs in the long run, and will also give you the peace of mind knowing that the major components to your home is in proper working condition or not. Knowing the facts on your purchase, and repairs that will be needed before you make the purchase enables you to make sure the price you are paying is in line with market value.

Many buyers are victims of misrepresentation on a newly renovated homes. The home inspector is trained to view renovated homes in a way that can determine if things were built correctly, proper materials used, and if all is as nice as it looks. With most renovations the buyer must consider the philosophy “Don’t Judge the Book by the Cover”. Homes can appear to be in good or even like new condition on the quick glance, however concealing many costly problems. The home inspector you choose to inspect the single most expensive purchase that all of us make is important. Here at the Home Inspector Experts we are fully licensed and qualified to give you the home inspection that you deserve. We are NYS licensed and ASHI and NACHI certified. Don’t be fooled, know the facts, and hire us today for your Pre-Purchase Inspection, and give yourself that peace of mind you deserve.

Listen, we know that purchasing a home can be a very tough decision. Take some of the weight off of your shoulders and put it on us. Let our professional Long Island home inspector inspect your home and tell you what he thinks! You cannot be an expert at everything in life and it’s better on not trying, we have been in the business for many many years and have inspected houses throughout Suffolk as well as Nassau County. We can help. Along with Long Island we also serve, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Some of the many services that we provide include our famous Termite Inspections (we are the best), Condo-Inspections, and of course our Multi Family and Pre-Sale Inspections which are our most popular. We have helped many people find their dream homes as well as helped a significant amount of others find flaws in properties they thought to be flawless. While this can sometimes be heartbreaking and is hard to do (especially when you are in love with a home) it is completely necessary and important. What would you rather, go along through the entire process only to find out that you have purchased a lemon, or have a home inspector who is skilled in his trade point out all the things that you should be made aware of? We think it’s the latter!


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