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Our Home Inspection Services

  Our team of highly qualified home inspectors offer an array of services designed to meet your unique needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a home buyer or seller; we have packages that cater for different groups irrespective of the complexity of the home. We guarantee 100% satisfaction rate, better discount rates than our competitors and thorough home evaluation services that simply cannot be beat! Our years of experience, expertise, professionalism, and a string of happy customers make us stand head and shoulders above the rest in the industry. We are registered with relevant authorities, insured with recognized firms, and are members of professional bodies. In a nutshell, we offer nothing short of excellent service!

Home Inspection Packages
Below are the services that you can expect from our team of highly qualified experts:

  • Sellers can enjoy pre-listing inspection services
  • Home buyers get detailed pre-purchase inspection services
  • Inspection services for a new construction
  • Detailed multi-unit inspections
  • Remodeling consultation and inspection services

  The cost of the above packages will relatively differ based on variable factors like the complexity of the unit(s) and how detailed a report needs to be. Nevertheless, all are affordable and our team will always design the services to meet your unique needs.

Types of Inspection Services
There are quite a number of Long Island home inspection services you get based on the very package you choose. Our most utilized services include termite inspection, pre-sale inspection, pre-purchase inspection, Condo or Co-op inspections and multi-family inspections. Our professionals are able to handle the following and offer detailed reports on their findings;

  • General inspection services; in this case, you will get reports that touch on pertinent issues both structural and functional. Additionally, you will be informed on matters of safety and anything related.
  • Mold Inspection; this services will help you know the extent of mold and the best way to eliminate if any.
  • Radon Inspection; this is one of the services that our team of experts offer; and based on the fact that it is odorless and colorless only professionals with relevant equipment can be able to detect it.
  • Termite inspection; this is one of the things that every home buyer or seller needs in prior to transaction any business. We have necessary tools and equipment to determine the extent of termite menace and how you can eliminate it.
  • Septic inspection services; this is a vital requirement for those that want to buy homes. If you want to sell one, then definitely you must understand the condition of septic, too.
  • Roof leak inspection services
  • Thermal imaging and infrared inspection service — this service guarantees that nothing is left to chance.

  There is no single room that we do not inspect when you contract our services at any given time. We are well versed with what it takes to inspect, bathrooms, kitchens, electrical, heating and cooling systems, garage, and just about anything attached to the home.

Inspection Reports
It is important to note that but easy-to-understand reports are always provided based on the very package you choose. As a matter of fact, this is to help you understand the extent of the problem, how to tackle it, and of course, how to eliminate the problem in its entirety.

Why Choose Us?

  Our team of professionals is quite reliable, fast and efficient. You will not only get reports in good time but also get solid advice on the situation at hand. We offer flexible payment options, better packages, and are easy-to-work with. You can never go wrong when you hire experts!

Services We Provide:

We are licensed and certified and we provide all the home inspection services that you will ever need when you need to get your building home inspected in Long Island, NY. All home inspections we offer include Termite, Pre-Sale, Pre-Purchase, Multi-Family, Condominium inspection and anything else that you could possibly imagine. Not sure if we offer a service that you are in need of? Just ask, all of our Long Island home inspection consultants and customer representatives are as helpful as can be.

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