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Multi-Family Inspection

The purchase of a multi-family dwelling is a serious investment for any buyer, so it’s important to have a thorough inspection done prior to closing on your purchase. Home Inspectors Experts offers the highest level of multi-family inspections and reports to put your mind at ease. Our inspectors and our company are certified by the industry organization, ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), so you can be assured of the quality of our multi-family inspections. ASHI sets the highest industry standards.

Multi-Family HomeA multi-family inspection is not a simple inspection. It will involve inspecting individual units (some or all of them) as well as a thorough inspection of common spaces and the overall structure. Preferably, your multi-family inspector should have extensive experience with multi-family inspections.

Our Inspections For Multi-Family Dwellings:
Our inspectors will check for numerous items of importance during multi-family inspections, including but not limited to:
— Structural issues or concerns of any kind are noted.
— A mold inspection according to industry standards is conducted. Mold can have serious consequences on health and it is important to identify and remediate according to federal standards.

— We will inspect your HVAC system for the entire structure and individually as needed.

— The roof is checked for age, normal wear and tear, as well as potentially serious damage. We will assess it’s overall condition and note on our report any concerns we have.

— We will also thoroughly check plumbing and electrical for the entire structure as well as individual units.

— We always look for the presence of any hazardous materials such as lead paint or asbestos present. This is particularly vital in older structures. Both materials are federally* regulated, and there are strict federal standards regarding their remediation. We have the skill and training to evaluate their presence.

— We will inspect for ADA, fire and safe compliance or issues with compliance.

— We will also check for foundation and structural issues to ensure the dwelling is stable with a solid foundation and no cracks or other issues of concern.

— Once our inspection is completed, we will provide you in a timely manner with a thoroughly detailed and comprehensive report along with photographs of identified issues. Our inspectors are always happy to answer any questions you or your realtor might have.

Benefits Of a Multi-Family Inspection
When dealing with the potential purchase of a multi-family dwelling, it’s vital to have a highly qualified and well experienced inspector perform the inspection given the size and complexity of this type of structure. As a potential buyer of a multi-family dwelling, you want to have as much information as possible (and have it well documented) in advance of your closing so that you enter into this transaction well informed with no surprises.
Identifying any issues prior to acquisition could also affect your purchase price. Depending on the terms of the sale, as well as the finding of an inspection, your offer might be affected. Sometimes when serious issues are found during an inspection, a potential buyer will re-negotiate their initial offer or terms of contract. It’s for this reason that realtors recommend doing a thorough inspection with a highly qualified inspector.

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We believe it is our duty to keep our headquarters in Long Island¬†with quality home inspections that meet and exceed your expectations, and that is exactly what we do! That means it doesn’t matter if you live in Nassau County or in Suffolk, Queens or Brooklyn or even Manhattan, we are the home inspectors for you!

If we had to give a quick bite-sized run down of the services we provide 90% of the time it would be the following: award winning termite inspections, then we have our most popular service which is our Pre-Purchase Inspection, the seller’s favorite, Pre-Sale Inspection as well as Condominium Inspections. We do however want to stress that these are only some our inspection services. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us which is how we built and maintained such a wonderful reputation throughout the years.

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