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Top 5 Items For a Home Inspection Checklist

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A home inspection is a systematic and thorough evaluation on residential property’s condition. There are many different services that we offer when it comes to home inspection as well. Generally speaking, It is a physical exam on functionality, overall safety and general integrity of the various components of a home. A good home inspection is key as it ensures that a buyer knows what he or she is buying before the transaction is completed. An inspection ensures that all building defects are discovered.

The findings are detailed in a written report for buyer’s review and reference however these are also important for rental properties. The inspector will then make verbal presentations of the findings to those people present during the inspection. Always ensure that the inspector examines the piece of land around the house for drainage, grading, plants affecting the house and retaining walls issues. More on that later.

The following is a home inspection checklist:


· The water pumps should not have a short cycle.

· Well water should be accepted.

· Water heaters should not have signs of rust, should be vented properly and they should have a size that can produce adequate hot water for the bathrooms in the house. Visible pipes should not be leaking, no damage, the materials near the pipe should not be stained and drainage pipes should slope down to the sewage system.


· The exhaust fan should be vented the building’s exterior.

· The pipes under the sink should not be leaking.

· Adequate flow of water in the sink.

· Proper operation of the built-in appliances.

· Waste pipes should not be exhausted or having excess rust.

· The drawers and the doors of a cabinet should be operating properly.

· No decays or stains should be found on the floor in the cabinet under the sink.

· The dishwashers spring door should be operating properly, should have a proper drainage and no leakages.


· The shower, tub and the sink should have a proper drainage

· The toilet should be operating properly.

· All fixtures should have pressure and adequate flow.

· The toilet should be stable and no rocking or staining around the base.

· AS metallic sink should not show any sign of rusting and no leakages during an overflow.

· The showers or tub tiles should be secure and should have a solid wall surface.

· Caulking should be in a good condition outside and inside of the shower and tub area.


· No excess roofing caulk, tar or cement.

· No stains or decays on fascia and soffits.

· Roof penetration flashing’s.

· No decay, curling, missing shingle, no molds and cracks on wood shingles.

· Vents not painted and clean.

· No decays or rust, no sagging, structure securely attached, all joints sealed and no mud deposits on the gutters. The gutters should be clean and no sections missing.

· No more than two layers of roofing. No missing, broken or damaged shingles.

Exterior covering:

· No decay, curling, loose or cracked sidings.

· No broken, flaking or stalling components and no cracks on masonry veneers.

· The structure’s surface should not have vines.

· The exterior surfaces should not have stains.

· No damages, loose siding and no dents on aluminum and vinyl siding.

· Exterior stains or paints should not have blisters or flaking.

· The wood siding and the ground should have an adequate clearance.

A buyer should always get involved in a home inspection as it can greatly impact the sales price. Inspection should be key to both home buyers and builders. Key points during construction should be inspected. Always make an informed decision by choosing the best home inspector.

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