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The Need For New Construction Home Inspections

Our years of experience as home inspectors across Suffolk County and Nassau County, NY have taught us that even new construction needs a home inspection. Yes, we might be somewhat biased as inspectors, but there are two reasons to do an inspection on new construction. We detail them below:

Issues incurred during construction:

A picture of an inspection during the construction phase of the projectSometimes things simply go wrong when building a home. Things get broken, not installed correctly, or non-functioning. There are two times during a new construction you should/could conduct an inspection: pre-drywall and upon completion.

Pre-drywall will check to be certain that electrical, plumbing, and even framing have been done correctly. A home inspection upon completion can uncover things such as debris left by subcontractors in an attic and crawl spaces; non-function bathroom vents; nails left behind across roofs and in the grass beneath; and improperly installed doors.

While it’s necessary to have a Certificate of Occupancy by county inspectors, they don’t inspect your property with the same level of detail as a home inspector would.

Learn about your home:

We always recommend homeowners be present during an inspection, check out our home page to read more on that. The reason being that you will learn a lot about your home and the state of your home during its inspection, particularly if it’s new construction. Be sure to prepare a list of any questions you might have for the inspector regarding the house. With a detailed home inspection, any good inspector will know whether the house is well built and explain why they believe this. That can be comforting to any new homeowner after the lengthy process and investment of new construction.

A good inspector also should know how all the main systems (such as HVAC and electrical) work and can explain them to you.

If you are building a new home or are purchasing a newly constructed home, we can discuss what our home inspection would entail. We are also happy to answer any questions about the process as well. We have years of experience in the home inspection industry across Suffolk County and Nassau County, NY. Our expertise, work ethic, and training make us a reputable and leading home inspector in the area.

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