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The Importance of Environmental Inspections

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Home inspections are extremely important to determine the condition of any dwelling. We highly suggest that any sale or listing involve a thorough home inspection by a reputable, certified inspector. Home Inspector Experts is one of the leading home inspection companies in the Long Island area across Nassau and Suffolk counties. Prospective clients often reach out to us after their realtors have recommended a home inspection. Our answer is always the same: Yes, you should have a home inspection. We offer various types of home inspections. One very important inspection that usually cause clients to pause is an Environmental Inspection. However, the problems these inspections can uncover are often invisible or silent with dire health consequences if left undiagnosed.

An environmental inspection can uncover or detect a silent killer such as carbon monoxide or radon which can make residents sick with prolonged exposure. Environmental testing can require specialized equipment and/or testing, and only those inspectors with the correct certification and training should perform these types of tests.

We offer are various types of environmental tests as part of an environmental inspection. Are you concerned with the environmental space around your property? Then we suggest you have us analyse your residence and give you some peace of mind. You can do one of the tests or all of them depending on the circumstances. If you’re unsure as to what you should do, we can help you decide. We don’t believe in doing unnecessary tests, but we do believe in safety and the high value of home inspections. However, prolonged exposure to some of the possible environmental issues can have serious consequences and we recommend that if there are any doubts, a test be performed. For example, exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal in a fairly short period.
As a leader in the home inspection industry on Long Island we know how valuable these inspections can be, particularly among older homes. As first time homeowners you need to be aware of exactly you are getting in a home. However, we are quick to add that even newly-built homes can have issues! Our licensed and certified inspectors and experts will carefully inspect your dwelling and notify you of any health of environment concerns we have. All our testing methods are E.P.A. approved.
These are the types of environmental inspection we do (each is important for its own reasons):

— Water quality screening can help identify any bacteria or pollutants in the dwelling’s water.
— Carbon Monoxide can be fatal and testing for its presence (including installation of carbon monoxide detectors) can mean the difference between life and death.
— Mold inspection and testing is important for health purposes, particularly in homes with children or asthmatics.
— Urea Formaldehyde testing will check for vapors in your home. Urea Formaldehyde was used in the 1950’s in foam insulation inside homes. Its vapor can cause certain health complications.
— Asbestos testing. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that under certain conditions can be a highly toxic carcinogen, and it’s important to have your home inspected for its presence. In some cases, if asbestos is found, it can be left undisturbed. If it needs to be removed, it should be done by certified professionals.
— Electro-Magnetic Fields are more controversial as the science on whether or not they can be carcinogenic is still inconclusive. Even so, it’s can be beneficial to check your dwelling for the strength of EMF’s bearing in mind that modern technology inevitably exposes all of us to EMFs.
— Radon testing: This is what the EPA states regarding Radon testing: “Health authorities like the CDC, Surgeon General, American Medical Association, American Lung Association and others agree that we know enough now to recommend radon testing and to encourage public action when levels are above 4 pCi/L.” Radon occurs naturally in the ground and can be found in both older as well as brand new homes.

If you are unsure as to whether you should have a professional home inspection, give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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