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How to Avoid Trouble When Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a home can be one of if not thee most daunting and scary experiences that you will ever go through. It will also however, most likely be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you’ll have as well. There are so many things you need to be aware of as a buyer and you really do need the help of a professional home inspector.

There are many different reasons for this but the most important one is your safety. You need the peace of mind of knowing that your house is safe mechanically and structurally, this site is meant to be a helpful resource but cannot replace a inspector. You need a home inspector who is thorough and can give you a detailed report of your home or home to be.

A home inspector will go through your house from top to bottom and check everything from the plumbing to the electrical systems to the boiler and make sure that everything is structurally safe and sound for you as well as making you aware of anything important you need to know before purchasing the home.

The following is a great post about how pre-purchase inspections can help buyers:

Inspection Layout

How a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Help Buyers?

Through the property inspection process, a seller or a buyer is able to obtain specific information concerning the various aspects of the home. A detailed, easy to read report is provided by property inspector at the completion of the inspection and that report offers clarity and understanding, at a time when you are investing your hard earned money into the fluid market of real estate. Read more…

You also should be aware that you do not have to necessarily use the home inspector that the real estate suggests using. In fact, it can be a great idea to do your own due diligence and find a home inspector that suits you. You should also feel comfortable enough with the home inspector to walk through your home with him so that together you can go through everything and ask whatever questions you might have.

If you try to cut corners when it comes to the home inspection and try to avoid getting one or simply looking for the cheapest solution you could find yourself in hot waters. You might find yourself doing a bit more than a mini make-over. Your home will most likely be the biggest investment that you every make, please, don’t try to save a few bucks and in exchange sacrifice on the quality of your home inspection.

The following articles talks more about home inspections and why a thorough and complete home inspection is absolutely essential:

Home Inspection

Looking for Trouble

Charles Bellefontaine found out the hard way the value of a good home inspection. In 1991, Bellefontaine and his wife, Loretta, signed a contract to buy a three-bedroom, one-bath Georgian-style house in Elmhurst, Illinois. A framing carpenter, he figured he had enough experience to size up the property for potential shortcomings. So to save money, Bellefontaine skipped hiring an inspector and handled the task himself. He declared the house fit, and the couple completed the purchase. Read more…

When choosing a home inspector there are a few things to consider. The first one is do they know the area? For example our company, The Home Inspector Experts of Long Island have been servicing our community for a long time and have worked in and around every area from Manhattan to Montauk. You need to make sure that your home inspector knows the area and all the code violations like the back of his hand.

The following is a great video on Youtube that describes the process of the home inspection for buyers:

The bottom line is when you are through one of the most important decisions in your life you need to surround yourself with people who excel at their profession and are truly ready, willing and able to help you and arm you with every piece of information that you will ever need to know about a home.

These are just some things to keep in mind and some different resources to help you along in making your decision when choosing a home inspector and hopefully helping you to be more informed. If you live in the Long Island, NY area you should definitely choose the home inspector experts for your next inspection!

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