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Give Your Home a Mini Makeover

Things become boring or old when you have lived in a home long enough. That’s the reason why bringing in “freshness” in the form of a mini makeover can help take the gloom away. But what about the expenses? Don’t you need thousands of dollars to renovate your home? No, no you don’t.

Well, there’s good news… a mini makeover can fit any budget if done right. You can accomplish a lot on a dime especially if you’re from the DIY camp. FYI, this is GREAT for any pre-sale properties as well. All you need is pocket change and lots of creative thinking.

Research is the first step towards any successful mini makeover exercise. Finding out where to find stuff or who to call from friends and family is always a good way to start. A few referrals here and there can take you a long way especially in terms of saving and getting cool ideas. You can expect more discount offers (hiring or buying) when you take this approach.

So, how do you go about mini makeovers?

First of all, sit down and make a list of everything that you think needs touching up. This means every room, the garage, and finally the outdoors if you have a yard (front or back). There’s even more to include in your list if you have a porch, a finished basement, or patio. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, everything needs careful planning.

There is a very interesting piece prepared by Stephanie Sisco where a family in New York gets a complete mini home makeover. Sometime a makeover may costs you nothing but time and organization. Chip Cordelli helps the Bruno family get back to perfect order and scenic beauty in just a few mini makeovers as highlighted by Stephanie:

A Room-by-Room Makeover for an Organized Home

The Bruno family of Congers, New York, wrestled with stuffed closets, mayhem in the garage, and the tyranny of toddler toys. Sound familiar?


Clutter coach Chip Cordelli swooped in with solutions (and inspiration!) for turning classic trouble zones into home highlights. Get even more home makeover tips… view before and after gallery here

Now lets get to places that always come last in most of our mini makeover lists, the basement! Ok I get it… that’s where you throw all the junk that doesn’t fit into the garage, right?

On the contrary, basements can be the ultimate chill spots if you know what to do. What do you think of your very own home bar? Complete with soft music and a TV for those Saturday night games… sounds heavenly right? Well you can have it all and Martha Uniacke Breen knows exactly how you can achieve that. Check out her article on basement makeovers:

9 budget-friendly basement makeover ideas

Don’t leave your basement neglected. A little time and effort can turn your basement into a spectacular space your family loves.


Basements are often the spinster relatives of the rest of the house, says designer Robin Siegerman, principal of Sieguzi Kitchen & Home Inc. and author of Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchens. If you have a finished basement but it’s outdated and you want to make it more inviting, or drywalled and insulated (and therefore suitable as a casual living space) but otherwise bare, you can spruce it up without spending a lot of money…. here are 9 more ideas

Your basement is not the only neglected part of your home. Your garage and more specifically your garage door can suffer a lot of neglect from homeowners. Needless to say your garage door is part of your home’s front face and therefore adds to the aesthetic value of the entire estate.

Here are a few tricks to give your garage door a new facelift without as much as touching your wallet. Find out how you can get and use this garage door makeover kit from this enhancing and improving your biggest investment video from DSpaceTV. DIYers will surely love this:


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