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How to Get The Most Out of Your Home Inspection

Let’s get one thing straightened out first. You will need proper home inspections from time to time as a homeowner to ensure that your house doesn’t cave in or breed strange fungi that could end up (God forbid…) affecting your family member(s) health-wise or worse! If you would like to request inspection click here. You will also need to have any property you want to buy thoroughly inspected before you take the deal any further.

For home owners, this saves you from extensive and expensive repairs while also helping you maintain your home’s equity. For a buyer, it will basically save him/her the pain of losing money from possible lawsuits (when walking out of a deal with signed paperwork and any deposits) or otherwise (future inevitable repairs). The one thing you should keep in mind as a potential home buyer is this: ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHAT BINDING DOCUMENT YOU SIGN!


Now that we have that simple point locked down let’s get to how you can get the most out of a home inspection. Remember that the home inspector is not an angel therefore do not expect them to just walk in and walk out with all the answers to your current or expected problems in a single visit. Regardless, you can still manage to get a good and properly carried out home inspection if you can follow a few simple guidelines like tagging along on an inspection exercise or separating the inspection process with any repair work.


It is also advisable that you carry out your own home inspection and make notes on whatever problems you can immediately identify. This will help you ask the right questions after choosing the best home inspector for the kind of inspection you want. It will also help you make your own repair estimates before you’re slapped with a bloated repair bill! You might find that some repairs are simple DIYers that will cost you less to repair plus you will be better placed when bargaining for a fair price with the person/company doing the repairs. Check out what Leonard Baron has shared about getting a good home inspection deal:

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Home Inspection

Once an offer on a property is accepted, most buyers hire a professional home inspector to assess the condition of the home. The inspector will write a detailed report for the buyer to use in deciding how to proceed with the purchase. Should the buyer cancel the contract and terminate the purchase; ask for the seller to complete repairs; or request a price reduction or purchase credit from the seller to cover repairs?
Unfortunately, many buyers fail to realize the importance of the home inspection. Keeping the factors below in mind can help ensure that you get the most value from the process… Here are the valuable tips

In addition to carrying out your preliminary inspection and following the home inspector around during the inspection process, you should also ensure that you get the best inspector and get the best price. Another thing to remember is to ensure that you DO NOT use the same person/ company for both inspection and repair otherwise you will end up with a very long list of repairs!

Alyson McNutt English highlights more on some of the mistakes you can make when getting your home or home-to-be inspected. Most of the times we assume that the home inspector should do everything and that they should hand us all the answers… wrong again! What you should know is that a home inspection process can only be successful and valuable to you if you avoid the following mistakes:

5 biggest home inspection mistakes

A home inspection is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure your new home is a sound investment and a safe place to live.
But, many people don’t fully understand what happens in a home inspection or what they need to do to get the most out of it. Find out what inspectors say are the five biggest mistakes buyers make during the home inspection, and how you can avoid these potentially pricey pitfalls… find out what mistakes you’ve made

Have you met NED the cat? Funny guy… Well, Ned has some tips on getting value out of your home inspection exercise. Hope you will learn something from Ned after he seriously cracks you up. Here is a video we picked up from the CATHUB channel on YouTube:

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