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8 Reasons for Performing a Home Inspection

Whenever someone buys or sells a home, a home inspection is necessary and there are a lot of reasons for this. The procedure is not only meant to uncover structural problems, but also to help the buyer negotiate the price if it is a pre purchase inspection, to detect any pests or safety issues and to make sure the settlement is correct. These are 8 good reasons to perform an inspection:

1.Saving Money in the Long Term

The cost of a typical inspection for one home with a single family is of a few hundred dollars. This sum is small considering the amount of money you can save in the long term if you don’t have to perform any future repairs. You surely don’t want to realize this later from your own experience so it would be wiser to inspect the building early and avoid any problems. You can browse around this site to see how much a Long Island home inspection will run you and what is included.

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2.Discovering Safety Issues and Structural Problems

An evaluation of the home can help you to detect problems that could compromise the safety of your family. For example you should always do things such as installing carbon monoxide detectors for safety. There could be some issues involving the hidden parts of the structure, such as bad wiring, mold presence, or the presence of radon. Foundations could have problems even from the beginning and this can be common for new homes. Just like you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge a building by its exterior parts. Even the smallest leak can grow in time and could lead to major issues that could cost you a large sum of money.

3.Obtaining a Lower Price

Another good reason for inspecting the home you are buying is the possibility to negotiate the price and obtain a lower one. This can happen when the home has some issues and is not worth the price that the seller is wanting. The buyer can include in the contract clauses referring to repairs that the sellers has to make if the requested price is going to be respected. In any other case, the price has to become lower.

Long Island home inspection company

4.Receiving Advice About Maintenance

Home inspectors can help homeowners and buyers with advice and tips, because there are well-trained and have many years of experience. You can ask any questions and the expert will be able to answer them. As a buyer, it is always good to be informed about your future home.

5.Detecting Pests or the Presence of Insects

Pest control is another important thing for any home and the seller must be aware of it. You surely don’t want the building that you are about to buy to be infested with rodents, ants, termites and other similar creatures. During home inspection, this type of problem can be uncovered and the sellers can do something about it.

6.Protecting Your Family

If you are concerned about safety, an inspection can be the best thing you can do. Listen, if you are in need of any Long Island home inspection services the Home Inspector Experts should be your first choice. We have been inspecting homes on Long Island for quite some time and we know exactly what to look for that is specific to the area you are living in whether that is Suffolk County or Nassau County, L.I. You can become aware of any hazards, dangers and safety issues that can be involved in the acquisition or sale of a home. You can have peace of mind and this is one of the most important aspects. When you are moving to a home that is safe and solid, you can make sure that you will not be stressed in any way in the future and your family is protected.

7.Uncovering Any Illegal Installations

Homes can sometimes be the subject of illegal installations or additions. If the current owner has done such things, these extensions will be uncovered during the evaluation. Sometimes the extensions that homeowners have made are beyond the legal permits or codes. This can have an effect on the building’s insurance, taxes and value.

8.Having a Real Perspective Over the Building’s Value

Quite often during the acquisition of a home, buyers can become blinded by the structure’s aesthetics. Maybe they like the home so much that they forget about important aspects like safety or the need for repairs. An inspection can help the buyer to get a real impression about the future acquisition. Experts can help you to determine if your dream home really is a dream home or your future nightmare.


The conclusion is there are numerous reasons to perform a home inspection and the home services we provide, all of these procedures are highly recommended by experts. A new home is like an investment for the future. If you want your investment to be secured, you can ask a professional to help you. This individual will be able to perform a more detailed inspection than a real estate agent.

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