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This aspect of inspection is usually not foremost on the minds of most individuals but it is important. There are a couple of reasons why it is essential to inspect the attic. Attics reflect the history of a property and it can point to serious problems in a building. Interestingly, the issues in a home might not be known by the occupants but an attic inspection can unveil them. When there is rafter damage or a challenge with the supporting truss, it needs to be quickly repaired. A roof can be in good shape while the attic has broken rafters or trusses. Stress cracks can easily be detected through inspection.

If a building has suffered from a fire outbreak, it can be detected through the rafters in the attic. A home inspection company can use the color of the rafter to find out if the house had ever been on fire. Also, the state of the attics insulation is another important angle that an inspection can reveal. This can determine your cooling expenses in summer or your heating costs during winter. Generally, attics do not need to be neglected when you are carrying out your home inspection. A little investment in this range is worth its weight in gold.

Other areas of the home that we look at during the inspection are basements and crawlspaces, mechanical, structural, and the interior and exterior of the home. We need to make sure you and your family are safe before we leave the home!

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