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home-inspection-expertsWhen you are getting your house ready to sell or to have any big project done to it, having the home inspected is a must. There are many things that must be looked at from necessary repairs to lead paint testing. Any and every home should have an inspection at some point, including homes on Long Island, New York.

If you are in Long Island and need to get your home inspected but don’t want to pay a fortune, check out the company Home Inspector Experts. They will help you with all of your home inspection needs.

What All Does a Home Inspection in Long Island, NY Entail?

A home inspection helps home sellers learn what needs to be fixed in their house or lets home buyers know what needs to be fixed when they purchase a house. Inspections can also be done on commercial properties, like the inspection that restaurants will go through in order to be able to run.

In an inspection, the property will be looked over for infestations, water problems, the structural components of the building, necessary repairs, among other things. The inspector will then prepare a detailed inspection report which summarizes everything the inspector found and details any and all changes to the building that needs to take place.

What Does New York State Look For in Home Inspections

Each state has its own rules for what is looked for in a home inspection. With Long Island being a part of New York, inspectors in long island have to follow New York’s procedures.

In New York State, home inspections include a variety of structural components that are checked through.

In New York, licensed inspectors look for:

  • Water problems in the foundation or poor settling
  • Any drainage issues
  • They’ll do a termite inspection
  • Wood rot
  • The structure of the floors
  • Make sure each room, including attics and basements, is adequately ventilated
  • Any plumbing problems
  • Make sure all appliances are safe to use
  • The walls, windows, roof, and doors are suited for New York’s weather conditions
  • Proper heating and water systems
  • Make sure the electricity works
  • Make sure all mechanical systems work
  • And any issues in landscaping

As you can see, the average home inspection includes many house components to check. Home inspectors are this detailed because they need to make sure the house is good to sell or become your new home.

Why Does There Need to be a Termite Inspection?

In New York, a termite inspection is required as part of the entire home inspection process. This is because New York is prone to having termite problems of various termite kinds. They can easily invest in a home, especially in places where homes are tightly packed together, such as New York. To prevent these infestations, house inspection organizations have made having a termite inspection a crucial part of home inspections.

Long Island is no exception to having tightly packed homes. This style of urbanization can make any kind of infestation detrimental as an infestation in one home can easily become an infestation among several homes or a whole apartment building.

A termite infestation is incredibly detrimental, making a termite inspection a must. With their ability to destroy homes, termites must be stopped when they first become present. That way they won’t be able to cause any other structural damages in the home.

Why Is Water Testing Important To a New York Home Inspection Company?

Having good water is crucial in having a good life. It impacts your health from the water you drink, your skin and hair with the water you bathe in, and how clean the items in your home get from washing and cleansing.

Looking Over the Water Systems

In a home inspection in Long Island, New York, the home’s water system will be looked at to make sure it is properly functioning. Pipes will be looked over and checked for any damages. They will also be looked over to make sure they don’t deposit any toxic minerals, such as lead, into the water.

Testing the Quality and Safety of the Water

The water itself will also be tested. In water testing, a report will be sent back detailing all the minerals and possible metals that are in the water. This will determine if the water of the house is safe to drink and bathe in.

Urban cities are more prone to having water problems due to all the surrounding pollutants and usually older buildings. This makes checking the water even more important. For the best health, home buyers should make sure that their water is safe to drink.

Who Are The Long Island Home Inspectors

long-island-home-inspectionsNot only is it important to get an inspector from a company in your city, but it’s also a lot easier and usually cheaper. There are many professional home inspectors in Long Island and Suffolk county. One home inspection company includes Home Inspector Experts who have a high priority on residential inspection services.

Home Inspector Experts has many locations where they do home inspections and Long Island makes that list. They are highly recommended among Suffolk counties and their list of inspection services makes sure that every home buyer or seller has exceptional service.

Even though this company mainly works for Suffolk county with their Long Island location, they can send home inspectors as far East as Montauk. They cover a lot of New York, so you are sure to be able to use this company no matter your location.

Have High Quality Home Inspections With Experts

This company makes sure that the inspector coming to your home is an experienced inspector. Only a true professional can work for this company, so you are sure to have a good experience.

With Home Inspector Experts, you can work to your schedule. You will have plenty of flexibility on making your inspection appointment.

Getting in contact with an inspector is super easy as well. Simply fill out a short contact form on the website and you will get a free quote!

What Can Home Inspector Experts Do For You?

The company has a lot of inspection related services for all your house needs. As one of their clients, you and your home will be put in top priority as one of the professional home inspectors looks over your property. In any kind of inspection, the licensed inspectors will use the latest technology in finding anything and everything that needs to be fixed with your home.

The Types of Inspections

Home Inspector Experts has inspection services for home buyers (great for the first time home buyer too,) home sellers, and a general new building inspection. The last kind of inspection is the best if you are buying a brand new home or are building your own home.

The Inspector

When you schedule your inspection, the company will send a professional and experienced inspector to inspect the property.

They hire fully licensed professionals that can do a thorough home inspection.

Getting Your Written Report

When the inspection is complete, you will receive a confidential inspection report. They’ll be a written and detailed report with added photos of any problem areas that the house has. Here, you will be noted of anything that the house needs to have fixed from any pipe issues to structural damage.

These reports are written with clients, being the average homeowner, in mind. You will receive a comprehensive report that is incredibly detailed so that you have all the information that you need to fix the house, make an informed decision on buying the house or not, or to prepare the house for selling.

Even though your final report will be super detailed, you can still ask any and all questions that you have and get a quality answers.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost on Long Island NY?

Sadly, home inspections are not free. Long Island home inspectors usually cost anywhere between $300 and $900. The wide range of prices relates to the size of the house.

If you are looking to get a home inspection, the way to figure out how much it will cost is by getting a quote. As said earlier, if you go through the small contact forum that is on the Home Inspector Experts page, you will get a free quote. That way there is no pressure for going through with the whole process and you can still figure out how much an inspection will cost.

How Much Do Home Inspectors Make?

The amount of money that home inspectors make a year is much more than just their salary. In this field, you get a certain amount of money each year in commissions that are on top of the main salary.

The average salary of a home inspector in the United States is $58,000 a year with $32,000 in commissions.

New York has a higher price of standard of living, meaning that inspectors in Long Island would make more than the average salary. In Long Island, New York, home inspectors make an average salary of $69,199 a year with $35,000 in commissions. That’s a pretty decent income!

How Much Do The Top Home Inspectors Make?

In any job, the longer you are in it the more you will earn over time. Salaries can increase from promotions, bonuses, and raises which can all build up.

For those who are in the top %10 of home inspector salaries, these inspectors make around $97,000 per year with an annual commission on top of that. With the high standard of living that New York has, this job can give workers a comfortable life.

Why Home Inspector Experts Is the Best of Long Island Inspection Services?

home-inspection-servicesThey make getting a house ready to be bought or sold incredibly easy. The company’s inspectors are professional and have the client always in mind. Making an appointment and getting a consultation is easy and only involves a few steps.

Whether you are trying to purchase your first home or are trying to move on to your next home, getting an inspection is the best way to start the process.

Have the Schedule That Works Best For You

You have the control in choosing your appointments, when a consultation will take place, and how you get your report. Our inspection services are formatted to be friendly to all home owners and sellers to make the process stress-free and very easy.

Your Inspection Will Cover Everything You Need

From termites to water to lead, getting a home inspection means that you will have all the information that you could ever need about your house. If anything wrong with the house is found, you can bet that it will be noted with a photograph in your detailed report. All aspects of the house will be looked at so you can be sure you haven’t missed a single thing.

Time to Contact Now

Contacting Home Inspector Experts is super easy! The first step you have to take is to get your inspection quote by filling out a small amount of simple contact information. This just includes your name, email, and a short message on what service you are looking for.

From there, you will be contacted about your quote where you will see how much an inspection will cost. If the price isn’t for you, there is no commitment to stay with us. However, if you want to continue, simply let us know and we will have an inspector working with you in a short amount of time.

Get Your Free Consultation Today

You can also contact us for a free consultation! We make the process super easy for you so that you don’t have to worry about any of the difficult stuff.

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